copy of The Trinity Dance Bundle (3 classes)

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The Trinity Dance Bundle allows you to take three virtual classes by YLDC in any genre of your choice. You can either choose to use all the three classes for one genre or try out one class in three different genres. The Trinity Dance Bundle is the best product for you to find out which dance style suits you and you wish to learn further! 


Hey Lions,

     Get 3 classes from YLDC of any genre of your choice. 

Available Dance Styles: 

  1. Zoya Tarapore- Ballet (B)
  2. Katrina Carver- Irish Dancing (B)
  3. Sophia Abbas- Open (B)
  4. Petra Bahlmann- Soca (B)
  5. Brittney Kim O'Niell- Latin (B)
  6. Sarah Carriere- Jazz (B)
  7. Amina Khan- Bollywood (B)
  8. Nicia John- Contemporary (B)
  9. Shir Ziskind- HipHop (B)
  10. Sara Masciotra-Milstein- Musical Theatre (Open)
  11. Krista Lopiccolo- Heels (B+I)
  12. Andrea Bruce- Jazz Funk (B+I)
  13. Seema Sookdeo- Bollywood (I)
  14. Emily Duckett- Jazz (I)
  15. Meghan Gillespie- Contemporary (I)
  16. Abigail McEyeson- Hip-Hop (I)
  17. Chantal Thibodeau- Jazz (A)
  18. Chloe Watson- Contemporary (A)
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